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Shelter Baker

Price from 659,- £


The FAM WEST TRAPPER and WILD WEST shelters are tents which were used by white hunters and trappers in America in the 19th century. Tried, tested and popular with trappers even today. The simple wooden construction is made on site. One can also set up the shelter without any wooden construction by stretching a rope between two trees (important when travelling by horse).


  • Lenght: 280cm
  • Width: 280cm
  • Frontal height 200cm
  • Rear height (Wild West) 60cm



Natural, Natural heavy cloth, Mixed weav (see Materials)


Wooden accessories need for construction
(not included):

  • 4 large stands ca. 2.3m
  • 1 rear cross pole ca. 3m
  • 3 small stands ca. 80cm
  • 2 side poles ca. 3.5m
  • 1 front cross pole ca. 3m
  • 20 tent-pegs ca. 30cm

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