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Current price list


We are looking for a new local representative in the UK


head office


Rannetsreit 3 1/3
94535 Eging am See, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)8544 - 9180878
Fax: +49 (0)8544 - 9180870
Mobile: +49 (0)172 - 7633376
E-mail: info@famwest.de



General Terms of Business:



  • In writing or by fax (a signature is necessary)

Offers and Prices:

  • Our offers are subject to alteration. All prices include 19% VAT.
  • If no other price has been agreed upon with us in writing, the current price on the day of delivery is valid.


  • Within Germany with prepayment, cash (COD) or bank debit. Foreign deliveries with prepayment.
  • Merchandise remains our property until paid in full.

Delivery time:

  • Within 28 days of receipt of order. Special deliveries upon agreement.


  • Shipping is carried out by UPS or shipping agency.
  • Pick-ups at the company location are possible.
  • Bulk freight by agreement.
  • Postage and packaging costs paid by customer.


  • Special orders and used or dirty merchandise may not be exchanged.


  • We replace or repair defective parts under the warranty.

Technical alterations:

  • We retain the right to alter our products as they are subject to continual improvement and development.

Price alterations:

  • With changes in material, energy costs, rises in tariffs, etc. we retain the right to adapt our prices.
  • All former prices become invalid with the publication of the new price list.


  • 1 year guarantee on material and workmanship

Status: Dezember 2001

Prices incl. VAT


FAM WEST local representative in UK

Mr. Stephen Griffiths & Mrs. Genny Haines
5 Upper Way
Surrey GU9 8RG

Tel: 0044 (0)1252 717444
Cell: 0044 (0)773 6052328
E-mail: info@famwest.co.ukinfo@famwest.co.uk

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