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self-supporting hexagonal shaped sales tent


A self-supporting sales-tent with a solid wood construction. Through its six-sided ground form this tent reflects the medieval ambience more than the usual square stands. The three front sides can be put up as a canopy individually or together. Extra external wall can be order additionally.

Stabile wooden construction with metal corners hold the tarpaulins in place. A sales-tent without compromise for those with refined demands. Colored variations possible.



Ground Plan: Hexagonal

Sizes available, Wall height x Diameter x Centre height

  • 210 x 250 x 345cms
  • 210 x 350 x 365cms
  • 210 x 450 x 405cms
  • 210 x 560 x 445cms




Materials available

  • Natural cotton canvas 300 gr/m2
  • Natural  & coloured cotton canvas 300 gr/m2
  • Two coloured cotton canvas 300 gr/m2
  • Natural heavy canvas 360 gr/m2
  • Mixed weave  420 gr/m2


Price includes:

  • Tent
  • Wooden construction
  • Awning-pegs
  • Awninng poles
  • Couplings
  • large wooden tent-pegs
    (Steel tent-pegs at an additional cost)
  • Guy ropes & rope runners
  • Packing sacks

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