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Period Tents and Medieval Pavilions

"My home is my castle"



The shapes and sizes of FAM WEST Medieval Pavilions are based on classical portrayals of Pavilions from the 13th-17th centuries (& 9th-13th century Getelds). At that time Medieval Pavilions were part of the picturesque backdrop of tournaments and on campaigns they provided colourful and stylish transportable accomodation for the wealthier knights.

The variety of tents shown across Europe clearly demonstated the wealth and status of the owner. Some poor travelling knights could hardly afford a tent, with all their resources tied up in horse and armour. Ownership of a comfortably appointed tent required servants who could manage such bulky luggage. Only then could a nobleman display his own accomodation at a tournament.

The side walls of FAM WEST Medieval Pavilions are sloped outward so that the base footprint is larger than the roof.

The shapes are square, six, eight or twelve sided and can be also extended by adding a middlepart.